Who we are

Where it all began…..
Microlap was founded in 1995 by Dr Dipak Mukherjee and Dr Jhamru Mukherjee, two pioneering doctors who were trained in the United Kingdom. They arrived in India in 1984 after completing their post graduate training in the UK with aspirations of providing safe and affordable health care in keeping with International standards.
Where we are today…..
In the last 20 years Microlap has expanded to include a variety of sub-specialties both medical and surgical. We have kept up to date with advances in medical technology and now we offer Holmium laser (HoLEP) surgery for prostate and urological stone disease as well as other specialist procedures. Our number one emphasis is on infection control and health and safety in this institution. We use modern sterilization techniques for all our medical equipment and we have adopted a strict hand hygiene policy to prevent cross infection. Doctors from all over the world visit us today to observe and learn from our expert team of health professionals.
What the future holds…..
We are committed to continuing to provide and maintaining clinical excellence and maintain complete transparency with our clients. Our goal is to evaluate our performance with the aid of patient feedback and continue to develop with the ever evolving medical field whilst keeping the patients as the focus of our care.